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icon fight disease How coconut oil could help fighting some diseases

Extracts from the book "FOOD FOR THE BRAIN, by Prof. Shirasawa, PHD, MD, anti-aging specialist. ISBN 978-967-14205-0-8"

asian-familyInflammation, characterised by various white cells attracted to a site of infection or derangement, is the body’s mechanism for defence or for readjustment and healing. When successful, the inflammation disappears by itself. But when unsuccessful, the inflammation persists, becomes chronic, and eventually becomes the disease itself, producing further symptoms and complications.

So we go back to doctor “Nature” for help.

Here is the coconut tree and its fruit, the water, proteins and oils from its fruit, where Nature appears to have created a defensive arsenal for us. Here are growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors, regulatory factors ready of our use. There is now evidence for instance, that coconut oil inhibits or down-regulate pro-inflammatory cytokines (like IL-1, IL-6, IL-8) and stimulates or up-regulates anti-inflammatory cytokines (like IL-10).



This little finding gives us a peek into why coconut oil can benefit such an unbelievably wide range of disease conditions.

Virgin coconut oil is different from other cooking oils in that its mediumchain fatty acids
contains caprylic acid, capric acid, and lauric acid - all good compounds that are beneficial to our health.


Monolaurin (also known as glycerol monolaurate) is a natural compound found in coconut oil and is known for its protective biological activities as an antimicrobial agent against Candida albicans. It was demonstrated by Dr. Murata et al that monolaurin has potential antifungal activity against C.
albicans and can modulate the host’s pro-inflammatory response.9


9       Chen, E., Seleem, D., Benso, B., Pardi, V., Murata, R. M. (2016) In vitro evaluation of
antimicrobial activity of 1-lauroyl-rac-glycerol on Candidaalbicans biofilms. Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.7287/peerj.preprints.1717v1


"All above text are direct quotes from Prof. Shirasawa book and they are presented here for information about the latest findings about coconut benefits. These information can not be seen as a recommendation to modify or alter a medical treatment. Like any other good food ingredient, coconut can bring benefits only within a proper balanced diet and regular physical exercises."



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